Who We Are

MBAP is a leading education technology company in Mumbai and which focuses on strategic and high quality education through technology products to which helps you to achieve your dream B School We specialize in Aptitude based entrance tests (MBA, M.S., LAW , IPMAT, GMAT, GRE & CRT) and offer classroom and online training to students Our Team comprises of IIMs, NMIMS, JBIMS and S.P.JAIN alumni and students. We specialize in Student Engagement Programs, with the objective to enhance the employability of students before they join the corporate world

Our Core Values

Teaching a crowd of 100 odd students and boasting about 10 of them cracking the entrance exams is easy but our motto is to train just 30 students in such a way that all of them secure admission in top 10 institutes.

With our small batch of 30 students, we focus on their growth with our special features like Personal Mentorship Program, weekly tests and progress charts. Your growth is essential on the path to your success.

We believe that if we strive for excellence, success will follow. It means trying to put in the best quality into everything we do in the process of reaching the best results of our students.

Your skills are not the only thing, your ATTITUDE & DETERMINATION will decide where you will be after couple of months from now.