Campus Ambassador Program

Who are WE?

We as an institute believe that nurturing a student right from the budding stage till the time that they blossom far and wide. All our interactive classes are aimed at busting the myth of studies being a burden. Nurturing students from the past _ years we have highly skilled faculty dedicated towards holistic development of every student who steps in this institution.

We are looking forward to engaging with passionate and dynamic students from various institute to help us in reaching out to prospective students and creating a network of cognizance about the institute among intended audience.

What is in it for you?

  • 5 Skills you learn as a “Student Ambassador”
  • Public Speaking


    Time Management

    Customer Service


  • A marketing certificate showing that the individual has worked in this marketing campaign for a period of 3 months
  • Letter of recommendation at the end
  • Incentives based on number of leads converted

What you need to do….

  • Official ambassador and representative of MBAP in your college
  • Start a marketing campaign within their respective college
  • Create their own marketing network within their college
  • Perform weekly tasks provided to them
  • Maintain relevant databases and submit monthly reports