Data Interpretation
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Quantitative Aptitude
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Verbal Ability
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Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation
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Decision Making
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Student Testimonials

MBAP provides a healthy competitive environment for learning and it is because of its faculties huge efforts, knowledge and motivation,I was able to crack one of the India’s most prestigious entrance exam, ”CAT” with 99.2 percentile.
Vatsal Mehta
I had an amazing experience in this institute which has helped in the holistic development through the correct amalgamation of tests, classroom course and personalized learning.The focus given to improve student’s general knowledge is a unique element in this institute. It is an excellent institute for all round preparation..
Sandeep Mishra
(GMAT- 750/800)
Despite being an engineer, Quants was never my forte. With Abhijeet sir’s magical shortcuts, quants looked easier than never before.The kind of faith he showed in my abilities, helped me in developing and grooming my skills and potential.
Vinit Raichandani
I consider myself to be very fortunate to have such wonderful teachers like you all and thank you so much Haider and Abhijeet Sir for helping me to achieve my dream. MBAP gave me the confidence that I could manage to crack CAT in a span of just 3 months..!!
Raj Doshi
( IIM-A)
I completely owe my success to MBAP and its team for my GDPI preparation. I was able to crack competitive examination test since last 2 years but failed to clear the GDPI process consecutively of my dream college Finally met the right Mentor in MBAP, Tips and Strategies by them, helped me rethink throughout the entire process, they just didn’t teach but rooted out all of my fears for the GDPI process...
Prabhu Teja
I will forever be grateful to this institution for the help and encouragement through the entire duration of my preparation. The study materials are a real gems in helping me ace through my preparation. The classroom sessions not only helped in the course preparation but helped in my overall personality development through its innovative teaching methodologies...
Ashish Rathore
When I enrolled for MBAP, I was looking for something more than any other class would provide since I was an ordinary BCOM student. I convey my entire success to MBAP and its faculties as the results are due to my tiny labour and great effort of faculties of MBAP.
Piyush Sethia
The USP of this institution is that apart from its excellent test series and course materials, it is the involvement of faculty in sketching the growth map of the student, that actually helps the students discover its true potential.Also the tests conducted helps in analyzing one’s strengths and weaknesses. I am very grateful to sir for his guidance and encouragement.
Sahil Javkar
A very big thank you to sir for all that he has taught me. A place which is guaranteed to give you all dimensional progress.Be it any entrance exam like BANK, MBA or Law as in my case. I can say that truly sir( Abhijeet) is a “One Man Army” and will guide you in every possible way.
Kaustubh Vakil
It has been an amazing experience. The faculty takes an extra step in getting all the concepts cleared and the techniques used are wonderful specially verbal and logical reasoning. It’s a one stop solution for all mba aspirants.Its been one of the best journey which taught me that learning need not be monotonous or boring, and it is with fun that one learns the most. I owe everything to this institution since it helped me in shaping who I am today.
Shreejo Kanoria